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Kayla is a French-Canadian Actor, Singer and Dancer from Ottawa, ON. She is a graduate of Niagara University, NY, where she received a BFA in Theatre Performance and a BA in French. Since acquiring her degree, she has worked as a performer and theatre teaching artist in the USA, Taiwan, Toronto and Ottawa. Favorite credits include working with Canada’s Wonderland, Carousel Players/Theatre Beyond Words, Missoula Children’s Theatre, Théâtre de la chandelle verte and most recently, a virtual staged reading with Equity Theatre Library (NYC).  Currently, she teaches classes for Artishow, TopRock, is the Art Director at Pirate Life Theatre Ottawa and has more projects on the horizon on standby as a result of Covid.

Growing up as an elite athlete with a constant itch to incorporate art and music into my daily routine, I was so glad to find a creative way to express myself through theatre. It instantly became my passion and career choice.

As a performer, my goals include using the craft to teach valuable life lessons through storytelling, challenging audiences to consider new perspectives and promoting kindness, acceptance and the value of a good fried pickle.

Let's collaborate! 

-Kayla McSorley